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Facebook 공유가 오동작을 일으키고 있습니다

현재 Facebook 측에서 사전 공지 없이 API를 변경하여
BikeMateGPS, HikeMateGPS, DiveMateGPS iOS버젼에서
Facebook 공유가 오동작을 일으키고 있습니다.
이문제에 대응할 버젼을 준비 중입니다. 이용에 불편을 드려 죄송합니다

現在BikemateGPS, HikemateGPS, DivemateGPSのiOSバージョンで

Facebook側のAPI仕様変更のため、現在BikemateGPS, HikemateGPS, DivemateGPSのiOSバージョンで


皆様にはご不便とご迷惑をおかけいたしますが、ご理解のほど何卒 よろしくお願い申し上げます。

Facebook sharing not function properly

Due to change in Facebook API. Facebook sharing for BikeMateGPS, HikeMateGPS, DiveMateGPS is not function properly.

We apologize for inconveniences and we will be providing updates as soon as possible.

“BikeMateGPS” now on Android market!

Best bike app on Apple’s AppStore “BikeMateGPS” now on Android market!
iPhone App Store 최고의 자전거 App ‘BikeMateGPS’ 안드로이드 버전 출시!
지금 안드로이드 마켓에서 구입 하실 수 있습니다.
iPhone Appストア最高のバイクApp『BikeMateGPS』アンドロイドバージョン公開!

Best bike app on Apple’s AppStore “BikeMateGPS” now on Android market!

iPhone App Store 최고의 자전거 App ‘BikeMateGPS’ 안드로이드 버전 출시!
지금 안드로이드 마켓에서 구입 하실 수 있습니다.

iPhone Appストア最高のバイクApp『BikeMateGPS』アンドロイドバージョン公開!

Facebook post feature problem

Facebook post feature on BikeMate and RunMate series are not working due to update on Facebook. We are  currently working on update to solve this problem. We will provide update resolve this problem as soon as possible.

페이스북측의 업데이트가 있은 후로 BikeMate와 RunMate 시리즈의 페이스북 공유 기능이 불안정적으로 작동하고 있습니다.
저희 앱의 업데이트 등의 문제가 아닌 페이스북 자체 문제이기 때문에 이에 대한 대응을 쉽게 하기 어려운 상황입니다.
현재 이 문제를 해결하기 위해 업데이트를 준비 하고 있으며, 빠른 시일 내에 문제를 해결 할 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.
이용에 불편을 드려서 죄송합니다.


v.3.2 Update coming soon

v.3.2 Update list

- Problem not being able to share using Twitter has been fixed
- Various other bug fixes
- High resolution icon for iPhone 4

Twitter sharing issue

Twitter sharing function is currently not working due to change in authentication method.
We will be updating as soon as possible.

Future of BikeMate series

We like say thanks to all our customers using the BikeMate series.

We appreciate continuous feed back and support from our users.

We currently have iPhone and Android (Korea only) version of BikeMate series.

We are trying hard to make best smart phone application for biking.

There are a lot of functions that we are working on and one of them is support for external devices like ‘Heartbeat sensor’, ‘Cadence’.

We expect that such functions help our customers get more accurate and useful information for reasonable price range.

There are a lot of obstacles to overcome but we believe that it is necessary function for many of our customers.

We would be grateful for any ideas or suggestions. We also like to mention RunMate and HikeMate which are great applications designed to help running and hiking.

Thank you,

ZeroOne MIA,Inc


BikeMateGPS v.3.0 Released for iOS4

BikeMateGPS v.3.0 Released for iOS4. 30, june, 2010

- Supports multitasking
(To terminate application completely you must double click home button and push icon for 2 seconds and select the icon again)

- Changed mail sender to iPhone’s built in.

- You can enter comments on email, Twitter, Facebook on mashup sharing.

- Route, photo slot has been increased. Route 50 –> 100, Photo 100 –> 1000


- Photo now saves to photo roll.

- Various other fixes and improvements.

BikeMateGPS 2.2 version released

BikeMateGPS  2.2 version released at 15/2/2010.

- Open Street Map and Open Cycle Map has been added.
mapmap – Map rotation support has been added.


- Route viewer has been added in route data list.

- Sharing using facebook and twitter has been added.

- Sharing route without photos no longer requires Gmail account.

- Restore support has been added for Calorie and descending meter.

- Speed has been adjusted to show decimal point.

- Lock screen button is changed to drag style and brightness setting is now stored.


- Route positioning button is changed to iPhone’s built in map style.

- Full screen photo viewer has been added.

- Various bug fixes and improvements.