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ANT+ Support
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Replies: 3 - Pages: [1] - Last reply: 2011-07-12 08:21:26 - By: satsurfer
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will you support ANT+ heart-rate, speed and cadence sensors anytime soon?
I’ve juts purchased the ANT+ dongle and sensors from and would love to use them with BikeMate!


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Thank you for using BikeMate.

We were contacted by wahofitness and we do have plan for

supporting it but we cannot say for sure when that will be.

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We are 8 months further and no ANT+ support….?!

Sony (models 2011) does support ANT+ ALSO!

What’s not clear to me. Can I load a gpx file from a friend, and get navigation instructions on the screen while driving with the bike?

Just like GARMIN

If that would be combined, I’ll buy it immediately

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